This big (and frankly fun) process mostly refers to branding, but all other projects are created through a similar process in creative rounds. It is big and frankly fun, so please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss the process and answer any questions. 

The Brand Bible Philosophy; A Holistic Branding Approach

Clients would often come to me unhappy with a "half-job" someone else had created for them. Maybe they had a logo but thats all they had. They had no idea what message they were trying to get across. This would make creating new pieces like their website incredibly challenging. Ultimately, wasting their time and money. Through working with these clients the model of creating a Brand Bible along with the visual assets was born. This is so much more than your traditional style guide of obvious do's and don'ts. The process of creating this bible (and using it for reference) will allow you to direct your brand and hire other creative contractors with confidence. 


Brand Visioning & Owning It

I love to say, "they only know what you tell them." It's all about looking as professional as you actually are. Your business needs to push your skills/product and visually express your message. Here, with no forms or surveys, we will get to know your brand. You will become your best editor.

  1. We will start with a one on one conversation (call/video/in-person chat) for me to get to know your business a little better and to uncover any key points your brand should express. From that conversation each of us will be tasked with visual homework, the details of which I will share later.
  2. The second conversation will be a visual diagnosis where we get our aesthetics and message aligned. We will also take steps to establish the tone of voice (the spirit of your brand) and begin to craft your brand story.
  3. During our third conversation I will present the first section of your BRAND BIBLE, a well designed eBook of our research and the beginnings of your brand. I can't give it all away here, but some examples of what the Brand Bible will include is: inspiration images that also inform your photography style, narrowed down color palettes of primary and secondary colors, and a concise brand story. This is a must have for any business and it will prove to be invaluable. This bible will help you be your best editor when creating marketing, updating your site and even talking about your work. (multiple revisions may be made at established points in the process.

Brand Building & The Design Process

Let's build out that BRAND BIBLE and create your BRAND ASSETS. This is the juicy part! We will create a logo and secondary story telling pieces (alternate logo, 1 additional mark/favicon, address lock/stamp/secondary icons, 1 multi-use pattern- plus various additional items that may be added upon request). We can even create a website you can easily update on your own! You will collaborate with me through your feedback in creative reviews. Once completed, we will add these Brand Assets to your Brand Bible, giving you complete ownership and understanding of your brand. Everything will come together and you'll be ready to go! 

  1. After going over your Brand Bible (or curated inspiration) I will put my skills to work. I will send you via email or dropbox 4-6 logo options to kick off the process. We will have a creative review together and analyze the work. You will pick out what options and elements you like best to narrow things down.
  2. The second round narrows things down even more. The goal of round 2 is to land one direction.
  3. By the third we usually have nailed it! At this point I will begin work on the secondary story telling pieces. You will have an additional round of revisions to perfect that work!  

Website development may be the next step here! And boy is it gratifying to see your site come to life. The design process is similar to the above, working in creative reviews. We will go over the amount of pages you need, any features required and a timeline. Details per client vary greatly, so please contact me to discuss further. Also, know for printed work- I'm here to help with printing resources. I won't leave you lost with files.