From local shops and small businesses, to start-ups and real life explorers, I got you.
Together we will collaborate and tell your story. 

We offer total branding packages, plus design and strategy bits (a logo here, a consulting session there), created through collaboration with the client. For branding projects ideally, we go from start to finish and create your BRAND BIBLE and BRAND ASSETS, allowing you have true authority over your brand. I'll give you more than just pretty files, your brand has meaning and with me you'll become your best editor.  

The Brand Bible Philosophy; A Holistic Branding Approach

Clients would often come to me unhappy with a "half-job" someone else had created for them. Maybe they had a logo but thats all they had. They had no idea what message they were trying to get across. This would make creating new pieces like their website incredibly challenging. Ultimately, wasting their time and money. Through working with these clients the model of creating a Brand Bible along with the visual assets was born. This is so much more than your traditional style guide of obvious do's and don'ts. The process of creating this bible (and using it for reference) will allow you to direct your brand and hire other creative contractors with confidence. 


Brand Visioning & Owning It

Let's do more than send you off with files. I will take my 10 years of experience and, with you, create your BRAND BIBLE-  your look and feel, your key communication points, tone of voice and brand story. You will learn to own your vision and recognize when you have strayed from it.


Brand Building & The Design Process

Here we will create your BRAND ASSETS, the second part of your Brand Bible. We will create your logo, imagery, icons, website, whatever you may need. This is the good stuff, where everything comes to life. Through multiple creative reviews we will tell your story and create the look of your brand. 

Kind Words

MI CUMBIA, PHILADELPHIA: Carly (Cheif Mama Bear) was a critical component in the creative re-visioning of our brand experience. She enabled us to the the brand idea in a very constructive way to help us to translate these ideas into an original logo and visual system that clearly the reflects the spirit of our business. I recommend her to anyone whose looking to reconstruct their brand, develop a supportive graphic system, and consumer experience. 

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